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Since it’s summer, Japan has a lot of TV specials with big guests.  We see THE ICE 2012 recently on YouTube- there are many interviews/documentaries of Japanese figure skaters and ice shows online-this made me think of something (please read-it’s a longer post but I want to make a point!)

Shizuka Arakawa (≈122:30) appeared on イッテQ (a variety show with many activities and corners) challenging an ina bauer on drift ice for a calendar photo.

Daisuke Takahashi appeared on 5LDK (a variety show-he appeared in a corner where TOKIO (a boy band) and he were given “food” and guess whether or not their food was “real”.  Ex: they were given “coconut milk”-actually ate “potato milk”)

Kozuka Takahiko, Mao Asada, Mai Asada, and Takeshi Honda appeared on vs嵐 (a variety show where they play games with Arashi.

Kanako Murakami (≈18:00) appeared on 天才!志村どうぶつ園  (a variety show where guests play with animals).

Mao Asada appeared in many more variety shows when she was younger…

WHEN WILL OUR YUZURU GET A CHANCE ON A VARIETY SHOW??!!! As far as I know, he’s been on many news channels and interviewed many times, but I never seen him on variety shows like the others… :(

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