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Got tagged by meipondesu (already did this, but it was a while ago so :P)

You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/iPhone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this to 10 people. (sorry, I’m lazy, I almost never pass it teehee)

  1. Breathless - Arashi
  2. Tsuite oide - Arashi
  3. The Hole of Darkness - Orthros no Inu OST 
  4. LiVE/EViL - Maou OST
  5. My Girl - Arashi
  6. Monster - Arashi
  7. Double Dipper - Shitsuren Chocolatier OST
  8. Magical Song - Arashi
  9. Motto, imayori - Arashi
  10. WISH - Arashi

(note: I separate my classical music and “others” and this is my “others” one)

Self explanatory, pretty much.

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Look at that happy couple ❤ [x]

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Jeffrey & Justin's Wedding Website

JEFFREY GOT MARRIED! XD SO HAPPY! Write a message in their guestbook ^-^ (I already did!)

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This Instagram user (sumie26) is private, so I can’t comment or take a screenshot, but here is where you can see the photo.  This user is THE #1 stealer, I’ve seen many of my edits and others reposted without credit.  I just never bothered with her since her profile is private, but I’m getting tired.


Using my edit as a base for another edit is absolutely unacceptable.  If you want to use my edit, you must contact me.  

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 Brian Orser’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [x]

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 School… starting… tomorrow…

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New translations! Thanks to my subteam as always ^-^ (wait for Dailymotion to make the video 720p)

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 Don’t ask me why I made this.  

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Happy Birthday troublemakerstorm, my Yuzuru + Arashi buddy ^-^

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Kana nominated Takahito, and Satsuki nominated Mao.

Guess we will be seeing Team Japan doing the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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Friendly reminder that ask.fm is a place to ask questions, not a place to become anonymous and send messages you wouldn’t send if I knew who you were.

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It amuses me how people suddenly get the courage and guts to say things they would not dare to say if they were not ANON.

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nonchan1023 said: who’s nominating orser LOL

I think Kurt Browning tagged Orser in the bucket challenge! I saw a post about it the other day hahaha 

Edit: Yeah Kurt did. here’s the link to his challenge video haha :3


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 From now, whenever someone sends me a hate, rude, etc. message or it’s just not worth my time, I’ll send them this GIF.

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 How to write Yuzuru Hanyu’s name in kanji with proper stroking. (Click each kanji for 500 x 500)

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